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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun City

I recently took the kids to an indoor amusement center in Marina Mall called Fun City. We were planning on going there for my daughter's birthday but because it was Ramadan, it wasn't open during the day.

This past weekend, we gave it another go. When we got there in the early afternoon on a Friday, it wasn't too bad. However, by the time we left it was starting to get pretty crowded. I think we got good value for our money. The rides were generally 10 dirhams each and because we were there when it wasn't crowded, we got to ride for a bit longer.

They had mini amusement rides including a pirate ship pendulum, merry-go-round, roller-coaster and bumper cars. The roller coaster wasn't working but I'd like to give the kids a chance to ride it sometime. In addition, they had little climbing play-gym areas for 20 or 25 dirhams an hour that the kids enjoyed.

The unfortunate thing was that in one of the play gyms, there were cannons that shoot foam balls. It looked really cool until you realize that about 90% of the equipment in that area didn't work. The kids had a good time so I didn't complain but it's a shame that they cant do some basic maintenance to keep things running. I felt that letting the kids run around in the climbing places was the best value for the money with a a few rides thrown in. We won't be going there every weekend, but it was pretty good for a treat.

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