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Friday, October 15, 2010

Austrailian Rules Football

A friend of mine who lives next door helps run an Australian Rules Football club for kids. He's one of a few assistant coaches, but when he started helping out, he asked if we wanted to bring our kids along. Since it starts before I get back from cycling on Fridays, I left it up to my wife who would be the one taking them. She followed my friend to a park off of 15th street that I've heard referred to as "near the helicopter landing pad." They got there at about 8:00 because our friend is one of the people running it, but it starts at 8:30. It will start around 10:00 once the weather cools off.

As it turned out, the kids had a great time. Here is a picture of our daughter attempting to kick a ball. I guess it is a little strange that we'd take our kids to play a sport that I don't really have any sort of connection to. In the end it comes down to convenience. It's on Friday morning when we're free and we know one of the people helping with it. It's just good to get the kids out and having a bit of exercise in the fresh air.


  1. Why would it be strange to introduce your children to something you have no interest in? Isn't that part of being a good parent? Shouldn't you find out what your child likes? The answer, of course, is no f***ing (folding) way. Mold them into a little version of you, and hope they turn out just a little bit better.

  2. No interest is the wrong phrase. I should say "no knowledge about." I just wanted to have a physical activity that was fun and easy for them to do. This works out pretty well for all of us.


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