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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ferrari World Opening

After three years in the making, Ferrari World will be opening this coming week (Click here to read more about it in this article). I know that I've had a few posts about this, but I figure that this is big enough news to warrant a few entries.

Originally, the owners were hoping to open the park before last year's Grand Prix, but realized they were going to fall short of that. Instead, the opening was set for this year and it looks like everything is on schedule.

Some friends of ours went to an invite-only soft opening on Thursday night and had good things to say about the place. Apart from the anticipated long lines, the rides look like they are well thought out and were pretty exciting. One guy who said that roller coasters don't usually scare him said one of the simulation rides really got his heart pumping. The Formula Rossa, the world's fastest roller coaster was said to feel really short and not all that spectacular.

My main point of concern was: is it worth it to bring two young children and the answer was, "no." The cost is 225 dirhams ($61) for people above 150 cm (5 feet) and 165 dirhams ($35) for people below. That's a bit pricey seeing as how not only won't they be able to get on most of the rides, but someone will have to stay back with them.

Another point of concern is my weekly bicycle ride on Fridays. We usually ride around on Yas Island and take a few laps of Ferrari World. It's nice not having to worry about a lot of traffic. With the opening of the park, that might mean more cars. Hopefully, my ride will be early enough that I won't have to deal with that.

To add to the excitement in Wednesday's grand opening, Ferarri World promoters are planning a gala celebration in which they give out the costumes traditionally worn by the fans of Ferrari who follow the races around the world. That's right folks, line up at 6p.m. for the grand opening and you, too can get the red and yellow t-shirts, wigs and flags worn by true fans.

While I won't be fighting the crowds at the grand opening, I'm looking forward to going to the park in the next few months. I have friends from Milwaukee coming to visit in January and know that they will want to ride on the World's fastest roller coaster. It's funny how it usually takes someone coming to visit me to get me to do sightseeing.

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