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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bicycle Shop

With living in Abu Dhabi, like any foreign country, you have to sometimes accept that doing what would be considered a simple task in your home country can be a major undertaking. Having lived in the same city in Japan for twelve years, I generally felt almost as comfortable running errands in Fukuoka than I would in Milwaukee. Not so with getting something done in Abu Dhabi,. Here I feel like my comfort zone is expanding. In some cases, I feel qualified to give advice about certain things like a good bike shop to get parts or minor repairs done. Unfortunately, when it comes to children's bicycles, that's a different story.

Because the weather has finally gotten to the point in which it is comfortable to be outside in the daylight hours, I wanted to take the kids out on the bicycle ride they've been asking for. I'd planned to take them out on Saturday morning when it was cooler. I was putting air into the bicycle tires after they had been sitting on the balcony for the past seven months when I snapped the end off one of the valves. I have plenty of tubes for my bike but no idea of where to get one for my son's bike. I figured that I might be able to take the wheel to Lulu's, the department store where we bought the bike last year but wasn't counting on much help from them. Sure enough, they refused to sell me a tube and gave me the advice that I'd been dreading: go to a bike shop on Hamdan Street.

Hamdan is a part of town where you can find hundreds of little shops that sell almost everything cheaply. It is also under heavy construction and impossible to find parking. It's a maze of tiny streets with cars on either side and in the middle. If you are lucky enough to find parking, you'd better not leave your car too long unless you want it parked in. In the above picture you can see a sample of the parking I saw on Saturday while looking for a shop.

A friend of mine gave me some advice as to where I could find a good shop selling children's bike parts. I drove close to the area where I thought it was and as soon as I found a parking spot, I got out and began asking around for a bike shop. I didn't see any bike shops but I did see thousands of hair salons copy centers and electronics shops. After a while, someone told me that it had moved and I walked to the new area and began to ask around again.

Eventually I found it. The shop was a nice little shop selling only kid's bikes and various parts for them. The bikes were more reasonable than department stores and, I'm guessing, better quality. In addition, there was much better service than you'll get at stupid Lulu's. I was able to buy a couple of tubes for the bikes really cheaply. When the kids eventually outgrow their current bikes, I know where to go now. Since everything is so chaotic in that area of town, I've always avoided it. I went mostly as an exercise to see if I could find a shop. In the end, I got a new bit of knowledge and now dread going to Hamdan a little less than I did before.


  1. For those who are interested, the bike shop specializes in kid's bikes and parts. It is called "Target Sports Bicycle Co." It is just off of Hamdan street across from "Sun, Sand and Sports." Their contact numbers are 02-676-6537 and mobile is 050-315-4026. Ask for Mousa or Temoor.

  2. I've noticed a lot of people finding this blog by searching for bicycle shops in Abu Dhabi. While some may be searching for children's bike shops, I imagine some of them are looking for adult bikes or bike repairs.

    The shop I go to is located on 2nd street near the big cannon sculpture. It's on the right side as you're approaching the Corniche, near the new souk. I don't know the name of the shop but it has a big Cannondale sign above it.

    They are open Saturday to Thursday 10ma to 9pm and on Friday from 3pm to 9pm. Their phone number is: 02-622-2525 and mobile is: 050-505-0438 . the email is: info@tamreensports.com

    The prices on bikes are a little expensive but the parts and accessories are reasonable. The shop staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

  3. Hi just to let readers know - as of March 2012, the details above are out of date. I went looking for the kids' bike shop near Hamden (mentioned in Aaron's post above) and it's moved.

    I have though found a fantastic little place in Mussafah. It's called Abdul Majeed Bicycles, 02-5542517. We were given a second hand bike for our three year old and I wanted it completely fixing up. He couldn't have been nicer, added new tyres inner tubes brake and stablisers (all from stock) for just 80/-AED!

    His son told me the shop had been there for 25 years, we'll certainly go back, they also sell adult "workers' bikes" for 300/-AED (take your pick from Chinese or Indian models).

    If you google Mercedes Benz Musaffah it's very close to there. Follow their map and then call Abdul for directions to get into the maze of streets where his shop is based.

  4. Hey Nick,
    Thanks for the update. Things in Abu Dhabi change so often that it's hard to remain current. I appreciate any efforts to point people in the right direction.

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  6. Abdul Majeed is hard to find but here goes:
    1) see mercedes mussafah location map on their website and directions below should be clear
    2) as you drive down 17th with mercedes on the right turn left at roundabout where 10th street crosses 17th street. So you will now be on 10th street.
    3) take immediate first right on 10th - less than 50m. you are now in Mussafah M6.
    4) take second left (the first left is immediate) - less than 100m.
    5) Abdul Majeed is on your left set back from the road with sign above the shop.
    6) it's about the third shop on that street which is crammed full of workshops, etc

  7. Just went there. It was closed and the chap at the shop next door indicated in broken English that it had closed. I had no luck with the phone number either.


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