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Friday, February 12, 2010


Because my truck is fairly new, I feel an obligation to keep it well maintained. That's why I've taken it in for it's 32,000 kilometer maintenence (meant to be 30,000 kilometers). The annoying thing is that because it's a major servicing, I have to leave it with the dealership for four days. It's easy enough to get a ride to and from work so it isn't a major inconvenience, but four days seems like a long time to service a truck.

Also, the whole thing is going to cost about 2700 dirhams, which sounds like a lot until you convert it to dollars. Then when you think about it, $735 seems like a lot, but not as bad as the price in dirhams and too bad when you consider how well they go through it. With how bad the driving here is, the money's well worth it to know that my vehicle isn't going to spring any surprises on me.


  1. One would think, Aaron, that, if one were smart, that said "one" would move into a building that had a dealership of "one's" said vehicle brand on the ground floor! :) :) :)

  2. Too bad they don't do maintainence at the dealership in the ground floor of our building. I wouldn't have even had to move my truck to get it done.


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