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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Christmas on Valentine's Day

As you can see, we decorated for Valentine's day. As you can imagine in a Muslim country where the sexes don't interact, Valentine's Day isn't a particularly big holiday. I thought that it would be a bit bigger with the influence from other nationalities. I guess not. I had a difficult time finding a good place to get chocolates or flowers for my wife so I went home empty-handed. Not having a truck and relying on others for rides to and from work didn't help, either. She got me a nice triathlon watch for Valentine's Day, though. Lest people think I'm a heel, my wife didn't get me anything for Christmas so this may be her way of making up for that. We don't really get into the gift giving just for the sake of it and tend to buy things for the other when it's a nice thought. Besides, as she pointed out to me. "Don't worry, it's [your] money anyway."

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