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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


As you can see from these photos, it does get a bit dreary here. Here is a comparison from yesterday to today.

Today we had fog and with the way that people here drive, I was a little nervous about coming into work in the fog. The further from the coast I got, the thicker the fog.

Surprisingly, most of my students were on time for class with only a few stragglers. I expected a lot more of them using the bad weather as an excuse for why they were late.

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  1. Think about us unlucky ones who are going out to Khalifa City A every day! Anytime you drive in this country you are taking your life in your hands, but try driving 30 miles through the fog with some of these tail-gateing lunatics! It's edge-of-your-seat excitement every time it gets foggy!


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