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Thursday, February 25, 2010


My copy of National Geographic arrived today with a few of the pictures having the more "sensitive" portions blacked out. Look at the link and see if you can figure out which pictures had black marker over them. My wife asked a good question: Did the UAE government black out the naughty bits or did the printing company do it knowing where it was headed?


  1. In Kuwait it was obviously a local with a black magic marker. I don't read magazines anymore so I've no idea what they're doing these days.

  2. Ahhh,the censorship.... You surely wouldn't want to subscribe "Sports Illustrated" there. I'm planning to subscribe "Yoga Journal" myeself and now I wonder if the government consider some of the photos of women in skimpy yoga clothes "naughty" enough to be blacken out!!

  3. It seems to be the ol' Mutawwa black marker job. Funny, 'cuz the U.A.E. is generally very relaxed by this type o' thing!


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