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Saturday, February 13, 2010


Because the weather here is nice, we've been able to go out to the park with the kids most weekends or at least take them somewhere. Having no truck for a few days has limited how easy it is to get around, yet we still had plenty of options.

Yesterday we went on a quick bike ride. We're lucky enough to have the central administrative building of the whole Higher Colleges of Technology right next to the building we live in. Because on the weekends there aren't many people working there, we can take the kids to the parking lot right there and let them ride their bikes around. In this photo, you can see Tia riding her bike with our apartment building in the background. We still take the kids to parks nearby with their bicycles, but it's nice to have a place five minutes from our apartment to ride around.

As mentioned before, we have a swimming pool on the roof of our building. Having that as easy access helps, too. I took both kids up there yesterday and even though the pool is heated, Lucas got cold from going in and out of the water on a windy day. It was easy enough to call my wife and have her come get him so Tia could continue playing.

Today, we went to a park nearby for the first time that has regular playground equipment as well as rides and other inflatable slides. Being cheap, we didn't pay for the kids to go on the inflatable slides, but might make a day of it another time. This park has equipment that is much better maintained than other parks closer to our apartment but is about a 20 minute walk away at young child pace so we probably won't make it there as often, especially when there are so many other options available. Also, with how easy it is for the kids to change activities, they are getting used to changing their minds every five minutes. I don't really mind so much when it's an elevator ride to the roof, but I can tell you that I would if it was across town.

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