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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ferrari World for Kids

Today I went to Ferrari World again, this time I went with my family. I went there in January with friends from out of town. (To read about that, click here.) Going to an amusement park with two small kids was definitely a different experience.

Even though they were too small to get onto the premium rides, there was enough there to keep them entertained.

Also, my wife and I were able to appreciate the ambiance while they drove in the mini city and over. While my daughter missed the height restriction on the mini Grand Prix track by a few inches, she was able to drive in the mini city.

There wasn't a huge variety of things for kids to do, but the things that they had could keep them entertained for hours.

Also, while the kids were busy driving around a mini city, I had a chance to wander around the scale replicas of famous Italian landmarks.

I had a chance to look around in the Ferrari museum to see some old and new cars while the kids were playing in the play area.

In addition, the atmosphere of the place was terrific. The price tag was steep with the cost for entry for the four of us being 780 dirhams (about US$210), but as a special treat for my son's birthday was manageable. Admittedly, it wasn't crowded at all and I'm sure wouldn't have been as nice if it was packed, but I can highly recommend taking kids there for the day as a treat.

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