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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ice Skating

Although my kids like ice skating and practically every shopping mall in Abu Dhabi has an ice skating rink, I haven't been skating here. Sure it's expensive, but even so there is a fairly inexpensive ice rink in Zayed sports city. The real problem is that with one of me and two kids needing help, my wife was hesitant to ever take the kids. That problem was solved when my friend, Steve, from Wisconsin decided that he wanted to go ice skating in the desert and purchased some coupons on Groupon for us all to go.

The rink that he bought the vouchers for was near our place so we went on Saturday. My wife has always used the excuse that she didn't know how to avoid ever having to skate. With Steve having brought the coupons, she had no excuse for trying.

Both my kids did fine and despite some trepidation, my wife was able to move around on the center of the ice by the end of the hour. My five-year-old daugher did feel the need to lead my wife back to the side and say that she should stay by the railing, though.

The staff were helpful in offering advice and it was a good time, but the skates were not very comfortable and the ice not very well maintained. For what it was worth, I was glad we went. Now that my wife and kids have the confidence to skate on their own, we might try going out to Zayed Sports City next time.

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