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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ferrari World

Yesterday, we went to Ferrari World on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. I've been past it a few times, but it took having friends come to the UAE to finally get there. Seeing as how it's only been open for about two months, I guess I haven't been too lax.

We were able to get on the Formula Rossa, the World's fastest roller coaster right away and even ride it again within about 5 minutes. The coaster has a great big acceleration followed by a few twists and turns.

The other roller coaster, The Fiorano GT Challenge was also pretty good. For this one, the coasters race each other while going above and below each other's tracks. We were able to ride this one a few times with no wait and at one point I had my own coaster and my friends had their own.

The V12 water ride is supposed to be a tour of the inside of a Ferrari 12 cylinder engine, but it was just a spooky ride in which the stinky raincoats don't keep you dry. Here is a picture of one of my friends after the ride looking like she peed her pants.

The simulators were incredible. The thing is that you have to sign up for the next available time. My suggestion if you want to ride these simulators is to go to them right away and get a time because they are very limited. You can pay an additional 70 dirhams to ride one of the professional level simulators, but my friend who rode one said it wasn't really worth it because there was a safety feature that kept stopping the ride every time he hit the brakes too hard.

There were a lot of rides for the kids, too. There were little street simulations that the kids could drive around on. While there weren't that many rides, I could see the rides they did have keeping my kids entertained for hours.

The food was pretty reasonable, too. There were a number of restaurants serving a variety of food. You could go the cheap option, but if you wanted a nice meal, you could get one. I got a freshly made 12-inch pizza along with some really nice bread for 55 dirhams.

The shows and simulator rides were really well done. The 3D movie ride we went on after eating made me a little queasy, though going on after filling up with pizza and bread probably wasn't the best idea.

I would have to say that for the 195 admission, it is well worth it. First of all, we got there at 1:00pm, an hour after opening. I thought that it would be a good idea to go on a weekday, but according to the staff, it hasn't been busy in the new year, even on the weekends. They said that in December there was a 3-hour wait for the Formula Rosso. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ferrari World and would even say that it would be good, if not expensive, for small children.

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