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Monday, March 28, 2011

Al Ain Men's College

Yesterday I had to go to a conference at the Al Ain Men's College for my job. I had initially intended on taking the bus but on my way to meet the bus, decided that I didn't want the hassle associated with the bus. Sure I could sleep on the way, but who knew what time it would actually get there and when they would leave. At conferences, the bus has been known to leave for home much later than the initial schedule. Plus I wanted to get to the venue early to get a chance to meet other teachers at other schools.

Well, sure enough, the bus coming from Abu Dhabi arrived an hour late. They left on time, but the driver got to Al Ain, pulled over to the side of the road, then said, "OK, we're in Al Ain," without considering that they wanted to be in a particular place in Al Ain. Sure, I could have avoided an hour and a half drive, but I did get to enjoy all the coffee and doughnuts I wanted and got a chance to catch up with some friends from Fukuoka.

The conference itself was helpful and the Al Ain Men's College campus was beautiful as you can see from the photos in this blog entry. As I've mentioned before, my family and I really like Al Ain and I would love the opportunity to live there eventually.

The drive home made me a little sleepy and I wished that I had taken advantage of the free bus ride. I was glad to have gotten the chance to look around the campus. While the Al Ain Men's College campus doesn't have the technology in Abu Dhabi Men's College, it has a more relaxed air about it and like the city of Al Ain, seems to have the more relaxed air about it that my family and I are looking for.

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