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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wild Wadi

Despite having problems with the Meydan Hotel, we were able get the Wild Wadi water park passes that we were promised. Unfortunately, my wife and son were feeling under the weather so they had to stay at the hotel. My initial feelings of the water park were mixed. I was looking forward to riding the slides, but soon realized that my daughter was about an inch or two too small to get on most of the rides. Unlike Dreamland, they were not as willing to look the other way. I felt stuck with having to stay by the kiddie part all day. I now have a better appreciation for what my wife has to do while she takes care of my daughter.
Fortunately, my friends were willing to trade off watching my daughter so I could go on some slides. With their having already done the exploring, I was able to maximize my time. First of all, you don't have to walk up a lot of stairs. There's an uphill water slide to take you to most of the rides. I had a short six-second video to show it, but it wouldn't upload so here's a picture instead.

Right by the entrance, there is a body boarding slide to do some surfing on.

Most of the park has a beautiful view of the Burj al Arab

and the Jumeirah Hotel.

Even though I was grumpy about it at first, I later realized that the kids park has some fairly decent water slides itself.

I ended up having a pretty good time. While there is a wave pool, a mini water park for kids and a lazy river for the kids to ride inner tubes on, the things for smaller kids to do is pretty limited. I would say that Wild Wadi has a lot to offer kids and adults over 110 centimeters. Otherwise, I would recommend waiting until they're tall enough.

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