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Monday, January 3, 2011

Opened Package

Some friends of ours in Japan sent our family some Christmas gifts that arrived just before the new year. On the outside of the package which had been opened was some tape that read "Found Opened and Officially Secured." I know that packages sent to Abu Dhabi are opened to check the contents which is why the phrase "found opened" seemed strange to me.

When we examined our gifts, we noticed that there were presents with gift cards to "Alex" and "Tim" from James, Johnny, Emma, and Tish Lawne. We were initially confused because based on the price tags on the gifts, they came from either New Zealand or Australia. We later figured out that the packages must have been opened by customs officials and part of someone else's package got mixed in with ours. If you happen to know Tim or Alex or any of the Lawnes, let them know that I have their shorts and Powderfinger DVDs.


  1. Happy New Year, Ron (and keep your powdery fingers out of my shorts).

  2. Happy New Year to you, too. I'm assuming you didn't put some random gifts complete with gift cards in with your package just to confuse me?


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