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Monday, January 24, 2011


My friends and I spent a few days in Dubai. While there we went to a few beer bars and explored the city. We took a ride on dune buggies through a tour group called Explorer Tours. I would highly recommend them. Here is some footage of the tour that we took. While this may not look all that exciting, keep in mind that I was driving a dune buggy while I shot it. The more exciting, bumpier bits are somewhat unwatchable.

Initially, we arrived in the Intercontinental hotel paid by my friend Craig's Holiday Inn points. Once we got to the room, we saw that it hadn't been cleaned and they upgraded us to a suite immediately. For all the staff knew, we walked up to the room trashed it, then went down to complain. (We didn't, but there's nothing saying that a person couldn't do that.) The difference in rooms was phenomenal. I had my own room on the sofa in the living room and my own bathroom, while my friends had their own room. When the hotel bar kicked us out at 2:00 am because they were closing, we went to our room to finish watching the NFC Championship game and promptly emptied the minibar of all it's beer.

By far the biggest high we had during our time in Dubai is the Packers beating the Bears in the NFC Championship game to be in the Superbowl in two weeks.

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