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Friday, December 3, 2010

Paid Parking

Well, it finally happened. The parking meter has been installed in front of our apartment building. As of this week, the curbs haven't been painted black and blue. As soon as they are, we'll have to either get a monthly parking pass or pay two dirhams an hour to park in front of our building.

We're still not entirely sure if the city is going to paint the curbs inside our apartment building's parking area. Even if they don't, we probably won't be able to park there very often. People don't seem to notice the sign that reads "Tenant Parking Only" and it seems a lot less likely that people will respect that if it's the only free parking around.

The good news is that we can still park our cars in the Higher Colleges of Technology central services parking lot next door. HCT is taking it more seriously as well. We can still park there, but we need to have a second parking sticker in addition to the Abu Dhabi Men's College sticker. It has a guard at the gate 24 hours a day so it's a nice safe place. As long as we can keep parking there, we'll be all right.

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