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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Today there was a bit of an emergency at work. While I was finishing up teaching a class, a member of security came into to ask the students a few questions. The main question was, "Does anyone here drive a car with the following license plate ...?" When it was determined that no one in the class drove that car, the security guard moved on. Before he did, I asked him what the matter was. As it turned out, a student parked in the director's reserved parking spot. I asked him how he knew it was a student and he replied with a look that told me, "Of course it was a student. What are you stupid?" The words he used were actually, "The car doesn't have a staff parking sticker."

I went outside to check it out and sure enough, there was a car parked in the director's parking spot. I was hoping to get a look at a student's car being towed away. When I looked out the window about five minutes later, the car was gone. That wasn't enough time for a tow truck to remove it so I guess they found the guilty party. This is a great example of the lack of respect that some students have not only for the gated staff parking lot, but also for the college director's reserved parking spot.


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