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Friday, December 31, 2010

Moral Danger

The Dubai Police Department has determined that smart phones are a moral danger. They are urging parents to stop buying smart phones for their children. Apparently, people who own a smart phone are able to view indecent pictures from the internet. According to this article, children are taking indecent photos and sending them to their friends. I find that surprising because if I had a means of taking and sending photos to my friends when I was ten years old, there is no way that I would have send pictures of say, my butt, to my friends. Considering that we have a difficult time stopping professional athletes from sending indecent photos, I think it's the first thing that a ten-year-old would think of.

The article goes on to say that there is social pressure on UAE kids today as in one ten-year-old girl's class, 22 out of 24 students in her class have phones. In addition, these kids don't have a understand that every time they make a call, someone has to pay for it. That sounds like most adult Emiratis. Isn't it nice to know that wealthy countries have their problems, too?

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