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Monday, December 20, 2010


I took my truck into the Chevrolet dealer to have the 40,000 kilometer maintenance done on it. Because it wasn't a major job, I was expecting it back a day or two later. That was until the mechanic working on it called me to inform me that my SUV had a leaking gas tank that was going to cost close to 7000 dirhams in parts and labor to fix. Further, the guy at the dealer (rightfully so) refused to release my truck because it was dangerous to drive. While I agreed with the sentiment, I felt that forcing me to pay 6000 dirhams for a new fuel tank when I knew that I could get a used one for a lot cheaper annoyed me.

Ever since my Jeep was clipped by a bus, I was put into contact with a mechanic who will take care of any mechanical or body problem with a car. Any problem that he can't fix, he will outsource. Best of all, he will pick up and drop off the vehicle.

The short story is that I was eventually able to arrange for Nasser the Mechanic to get a gas tank for my truck for 1800 dirhams and 700 to install it. If anyone is looking for a mechanic in Abu Dhabi, I can recommend him.


  1. If you need a reliable mechanic who does good work and will pick up and drop off your car, call Nasser. His mobile is: 0507520172.

    The land line for the shop "The Green Workshop" is: 025553657

    You can also call Ehssan on his mobile:

  2. While I still think Nasser is good, I have recently found a better guy. I found a guy who is just as reasonable, but is able to communicate the problem a lot better. If you're looking for a reasonable mechanic that not only picks up and delivers, but has great English and over 10 years of recommendations, here's the guy to call:

    Al Rafiden Store


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