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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday at about 1:40 pm we were given notice that Dr. Enrique Garcia, a prestigious figure in the world of international trade, was giving a speech on Economic Development and challenges of the Latin America at 4:30 pm that same day in our very own auditorium. This intrigued my co-workers and I so much that anyone who wasn't already teaching made sure to be there.

Because I got there just before 4:30, I was worried that I wouldn't get a good seat. Fortunately, someone led me to one of the open seats in the second row, so I had a good view. My seat was just behind the speaker, the Director of our college, and the Vice Chancellor of all of the Higher Colleges of Techlology, Dr. Tayeb Kamali. I was glad to be nicely dressed in a suit because of all the photographs and video being taken for promotional purposes.

I could see that some of the students in the class I had just taught were in attendance. I'm sure that they too heard about Dr, Garcia's lecture and felt compelled to attend. Dr. Garcia was a fine Keynote speaker to Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Higher Colleges. To paraphrase what he said in his speech, "It was a lucky coincidence that [he] happened to be in the country while the colleges were having Global Entrepreneurship Week." What a coincidence, indeed.

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