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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Football Village

In the same spot as the Formula One Fan Zone is now the Football Village. This is in response to the upcoming Soccer Club World Cup. There's a space on the boardwalk near our apartment that is used to promote major events that are going on in Abu Dhabi. I thought it might be fun to take the kids there today. As with the Formula One Fan Zone from a couple of weeks ago, I thought it would be a good idea to get there just after they open.
While I was impressed with what they had on offer in celebration of the Grand Prix final, I was doubly impressed with Football Village. It wasn't as high tech as the Fan Zone, but there was loads more for the kids to do.There were several stations for kids and adults to kick a goal.
Kids could play goalie as well. Here they launched balls at people at high speed. I stopped one that hurt my wrist. Kids got a slower speed.
They had a bouncy soccer field with participants harnessed to the walls with bungee cords.

The actual Club World Cup trophy was on display.
You could even see some of the hot new Toyota Yaris on display.Inside was mostly more of the same, but it was targeted more at younger kids. Here is a virtual soccer field in which the ball is moved by shadows.
There were trainers available to help kids with their soccer skills.
The kids could play a soccer game in one of the mini soccer courts.
Kids could even try their hand at one of the six or so foosball tables.
There were loads of other things that we did including a reflex test and an obstacle course. It was really a great day. I'd only intended to stay for an hour or so, but we ended up staying for a couple of hours. There are loads of other events like concerts and movies in the evenings. There will even be a vertical football match in which the participants will be suspended by bungee cords. The best part of it all is everything is free of charge.


  1. Looking at the schedule, there were numerous events in the evening. The activities in Football Village start from 5:00pm on Sunday through Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, (December 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) it is open from 2:00pm. If you go, go shortly after it opens and you'll have plenty of tries at the various activities. If you drive down on the 2nd (National Day), good luck with the traffic.

  2. I thought this was football village. I didn't see no stinking football.


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