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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


While living in Japan, I found some amazing things available in vending machines. Without going into things in too much detail, I would have to say that Japanese vending machine manufacturers have come as close as possible to perfecting vending machine technology while at the same time fulfilling the human need to have anything a person wants at any time in an instant. However, no matter what Japanese put into a vending machine, they will still have a difficult time beating the world's only gold vending machine. That's right, this is a vending machine that dispenses pure 24-karat gold.

What better souvenir of your stay at the opulent Emirates Palace Hotel than a gold bar. Sure you could buy a certified 4th century BC urn or a limestone engraving dating back to ancient Egyptian times, but who has that kind of money? The gold vending machine has prices to suit your budget with items ranging from gold Canadian or Australian coins to a plain old gold bar. Show you loved ones at home the kind of vacation they missed. As far as I could tell, there is no engraving service that would enable you to get, "My Mom went to Abu Dhabi and all I got is this lousy gold bar," engraved, but I'm sure if you asked nicely, the hotel staff could have it done for you.

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