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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Recently, Etisalat, the company that runs the internet, phone service, and cable television in the UAE has merged these into one service called e-life. Someone came to our door before summer and asked if we would like to switch to a faster connection which includes phone for cheaper than we were paying. I said that sounded fine and signed up.

Little did I know the trouble that I was in for. I'd like to be clear about this. Apart from the connection sometimes being slow and causing my phone calls to break up. I don't really have any problems with the service. My issue is instead with the phone emails and calls I keep getting from Etisalat asking me if I would like to switch to elife. I've been called about five or six times now and have had a number of phone messages sent to me. Each time I get a call, I tell them that I already have elife and that they should put that in my file so they can stop calling me. It has gotten to the point that if there were another option for the internet, I would cancel my Etisalat service.

Today, they called me at a particularly bad time while I was at my desk and I really let the woman on the phone have it. When I hung up, All of the people in the teachers' work area began clapping. This brought to my attention that not only is everyone else dealing with the same problem, but just how loud I speak when talking on the phone.

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