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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Presentation Ceremony

The other week, when we were asked to contribute some money for the cleaning staff and security at our school, I had no idea what we were in for. I genuinely appreciate what these people do at our school as they have some of the worst jobs and don't get paid all that well. I was heartened to know that we collected a significant sum of money. Today we got to reap the benefits of our rewards: a presentation ceremony.

Now despite what many people may think, it wasn't cheesy or uncomfortable at all. In fact it was quite the opposite. The ceremony was held in the entrance hall of the college. When I arrived, security were lined up in one line and the cleaners in another. As each of their names were called, the person in question marched up to get their envelope of cash to the applause of everyone. It was almost as if this spontaneous act of generosity had been organized beforehand. Fortunately, a photographer was on hand to document the occasion.

At first my hands grew tired in applauding the service of the many workers as they walked up to bask in our appreciation. Then it occurred to me: We were not only applauding the workers for their fine service, we were applauding ourselves for what fine generous people we are and how kind we are to the underclass. At this realization, I began to applaud thunderously in the knowledge that we are good people. Sure we could have just given each of the security and cleaning staff the money with a kind note, but what better way to let everyone know about our generosity? I only hope that the photographs that were taken end up in one of the local publications so we can be an inspiration to others with our magnanimous deed.

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