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Saturday, June 25, 2011


When most people think about Abu Dhabi, few would think about Athletics as being one of the first things that they would talk about. Six month out of the year it is too hot to go outside comfortably much less exercise. However, when I first arrived here almost two years ago in the month of August, I met a great group of people who are into triathlons.

My first year there weren't that many events, but once the first Abu Dhabi International Triathlon came around in March of 2010, suddenly it seemed like there was an event going on every other week. From this past September, there was a half-marathon, swimming festival, and a few charity runs. That isn't even including the monthly triathlon in Ghantoot or the Yas Marina Triathlon held on the Formula One track. Plus for truly grueling international competitions, there is the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge, a six-day swim, kayak, desert biking, rock climbing desert hiking event.

In addition to all the competitions, there are the weekly group workouts with the Abu Dhabi Tri Club. Also, the Yas Marina Formula One track is open to cyclists and runners (Yas Training Nights) every Tuesday night FOR FREE! It's worth heading out to the track on a Tuesday just to get a close up look at it.

With all that is going on, any fitness-minded person can find loads of things to keep themselves active in the middle of the desert.

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