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Monday, June 27, 2011


In the UAE, there area some wonderful, modern buildings. Many of the buildings that get the attention of the world news are in Dubai, but Abu Dhabi has its share of architectural marvels. With its desire to show the world that it is a modern country along with the vast amounts of capital, the UAE must be an architect's dream come true.

Of course Dubai has the iconic buildings such as the Burj Al Arab and the Burj Kalifa, while Abu Dhabi has the Emirites Palace Hotel and the Zayed Grand Mosque, but there are a number of fantastic buildings in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi that don't get as much attention. The Yas Hotel is pretty incredible with a Formula One racetrack running through it. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has a unique design that is supposed to be energy efficient (though I'm sure it doesn't help that all the lights are left on every night because it's pretty). The "perfume bottle" building is also an iconic Abu Dhabi building. The Abu Dhabi Exhibition Center leans more than a certain tower in Pisa and due to the twisted nature, every pane of glass has to be independently crafted and fitted into place.

There are a lot of amazing buildings and dozens more currently under construction. In the next decade, look for this cityscape to change dramatically.

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