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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The office just gets emptier and emptier. I've been told that most years, we're given set dates of when our summer holiday is and that's when we can go and come back. Because of when Ramadan is this year, the school year will be starting about a month later. Instead of giving everyone that time off, the college has said that we have the same number of days vacation as usual, but just have a range of days when we can take them. I've decided to take my holidays a few weeks after most people which is why I'm sitting in a virtually empty office.

I'm still here of a few days and I have to teach from 2:20 but I have all the prep I'm going to have to do, done. I suppose that I could come in 10 minutes before I have to teach then leave as soon as I'm done, but that's a risky proposition. As it is, I feel bad enough getting in around noon. It's gotten to the point that when I'm not teaching, I need to look for things to do. Sure there are projects that need doing, but when I got given these classes and was told that I'll be teaching without any extra pay, my motivation to do those sorts of things went out the window.

I've been doing a bit of personal development with things like reviewing the higher Math that I swear I knew 15 years ago. Yesterday, I looked around at the work spaces around me and decided that it was finally time to clean. By "clean," I mean "throw everything out." I was going to just throw things out, but I had some sensitive things like answer keys. Instead of sorting through things, I just shredded it all. I'll tell you, that felt good. The shredder even takes staples so I didn't have to bother taking those out. I shredded so much stuff that I filled the garbage and had to do the other half today. It's amazing how destroying a year's worth of output can make you feel productive.


  1. What kind of projects need dong? And what's a dong anyway? Also, did you know that Colin Hanks isn't Rita Wilson's son? I just found that out tonight, and all this time I thought he looked just like her. See you in a few days.

  2. I need to proofred more carefully.


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