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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sometimes I'm amazed at what some people will buy. Rather, I should be amazed at what what some people will sell; the assumption being that it's for sale because people will buy it. In today's local newspaper, The National, there was a section on personal finance and in it an article regarding things for sale for babies. One of the things was a diamond studded baby pacifier for a mere US$17,000. Here is the description from The National quoted:

The Diamond Pacifier, Personalised Pacifiers (Dh62,439)

For The high-net-worth infant who really does have everything.

Fun factor The ultimate in baby bling, this pacifier boasts more than 278 pave-cut diamonds totalling three carats and is set in 14-carat European white gold. While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, the only kick the baby is likely to get out of this is learning to count the number of gems in the pacifier (an essential talent in super-wealthy families). However, the overwhelming sparkle of this dummy is sure to keep them mesmerised – at least for a while.

Crying game This is more of a keepsake than a practical device to lull babies to sleep, so it is highly recommended to keep it on the top shelf until your child is old enough to truly appreciate it.

To be fair, The National is taking a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards this. Typically, the writers will find a few sensible items for an article like this then finish it with something ridiculous. Still, it's real and it is available on amazon.com. I have to wonder how many of these lavish products in these articles actually get bought as a result. For those of you who are interested in purchasing this pacifier for your little one, here is the link.

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