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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Let's face it, there wouldn't an Abu Dhabi without an enormous amount of construction. Thirty years ago the city was an outpost in the middle of the desert. Now it's a growing city that seems to be doubling in size every few years. With the growth naturally comes a lot of construction. This picture shows the Etihad towers that are being built a mile or two from my apartment. With not much development on that side of town, they really stand out

Also, when I first got here, they were just finishing construction on an office building across the street from my building. There are about four or five residential buildings being built on the block where I live. Luckily,we escaped the majority of construction which is on the other side of town where I pretty much refuse to drive.

While the new buildings look nice, they're always next to a building that's under construction so there's never a really nice view. Right now there are about five 20-story residential buildings going up on my block. This doesn't bode well for my parking situation. Nor does it bode well for my living situation. I live in one of the oldest apartment buildings in the city (I'm guessing 20 or 30 years old). considering that my apartment is on prime real estate and a mere 7 stories high. It's only a matter of time before it gets knocked down for construction of another high-rise apartment.

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