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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sex and the City

Anyone who knows me knows what a huge fan of Sex and the City I am. Whenever I'm with friends and the topic turns to television, hooo boy, watch out! I'm going to start talking about those four crazy gals from New York and their sexy sex talk.

So being a huge fan, imagine my surprise at finding out that the next movie is set in Abu Dhabi. Now, the next question on everyone's mind must be, "Surely if it was set in Abu Dhabi, being the superfan you are, how could you have missed the camera crews?" It seems that while set in Abu Dhabi, it was actually filmed in the identical-looking Morocco. This is confusing. Abu Dhabi is a modern city that likes attention so why couldn't they get the movie studio to film in Abu Dhabi?

It seems that the film was originally going to be set in Dubai, a much more well-known tourist destination, and was going to incorporate a bunch of famous sites. After having a look at the script, the people in Dubai who would make the decision decided that the material was unsuitable (i.e. the title had the word "sex" in it) and denied permission. The filmmakers then approached the heads of Abu Dhabi who were considering it until Dubai pressured them to say no. After that the filmakers decided to film it in Morocco and say it was in Abu Dhabi, denying Dubai the publicity and in a way flipping themi the bird for causing the filmakers so much trouble.

To be fair to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I can imagine that the film content might be objectionable to a lot of locals here and can understand the local governments not wanting their cities promoted in the way they likely would. I don't think they'd even be able to show the movie here. I'm trying to imagine an edited down version that doesn't have any suggestion of any intimacy. I think we'd end up with 30 minutes of the lead character talking about shoes. Now I don't exactly know what happens in the movie but based on the trailer, I can tell you that it involves, cocktails, carousing, and camels; basically the kind of high life that you would expect in any Middle Eastern city. I bet there might even be some sexy sex talk, too.


  1. Nobody's commenting on your posts anymore, which must mean that nobody's reading this anymore. Which means you mus not be as interesting as you used to be. Which may also mean you were never as interesting to begin with. Hey, guess who I saw at the gas station? Yep, it was Betsy from the Safehouse. But I bet you if I just said Betsy you still would have known who I was talking about. Apparently she was checking me out at Stuart's school, because she said she saw me there. I thought I was hiding in a good spot behind the big slide, but somehow she spotted me. I like sex in the city, and this post is way old news here in the states.

  2. Hey, you take that back! I know my mom reads this but she just doesn't leave comments because she doesn't know how to work the internets very well. Readership was strong initially but dropped off in November. December though April have about the same views for each month. I may not be interesting, but I'm as not interesting as I was in December.

    I would've know you meant Betsy from the Safehouse based on all those e-mails she's sent me asking me why you were hanging around her kid's school.

    I actually don't mind Sex and the City but got bored with it when I realized it was basically the same thing every episode.


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