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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Up until today I had three computers by my workstation: one laptop and two tablet computers. I had to give the Dell laptop back and I'll have to give the HP tablet back soon, though the school doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get it back. I was pretty happy with the HP but that was just a loaner until the new Toshiba tablet came through. Now I have a little adjustment period in dealing with this one. I like to bring the tablet into the classrooms and hook it up to the projector and use it to display the textbook and to show the work on the board. The handy thing about that is I can save the notes, and make them available to the students through the school intranet.

We also have a desktop computer available to us in each classroom. I tend to use the desktop to take attendance or to print out the pages in the textbook that we are doing that day for the students who forget their textbooks (each classroom has a printer). I also bring up web pages that I think will be useful to the students and use the projector to switch back and forth between my tablet and the desktop computer. The students also have the option of using their paper textbooks or an electronic copy of the textbook on their tablet that each student is required to have. With all this technology available to both teachers and students, I'm sure everyone will do well on their exams.

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