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Friday, April 30, 2010


I was in a triathlon today that was held around a nearby hotel. After the event, they had a buffet breakfast and mini presentation ceremony. Even though the event itself was pretty small, they had camera crews with a Korean comedy duo harassing people asking if they knew "Phillipp." I could see that people weren't into it so I stood near them and started saying the only phrases that I know in Korean: "gamsa hamnida" (thank you), "silye hamnida" (excuse me), and "mekju tuge juseyo" (two beers please). This got their attention (and off the woman who was clearly getting tired of the guys asking her if she knew Phillipp). Once they realized that those three phrases were the extent of my Korean, they quickly lost interest and once again started harassing the woman relaxing by the pool.

One of the oddest things about it was that I don't think it was in any way associated with the triathlon or the hotel. The people that I was with assumed by their actions that they were Japanese and asked me if it brought back any memories. It's nice to know that 1) Korean camera crews and comedians can be obnoxious like Japanese ones and 2) even in the deserts of Abu dhabi there's no escaping them.


  1. Did you think about yelling Bosintang!! It was always fun to yell that in an obnoxious voice.

  2. I forgot about that. I should have asked them politely for some dog soup.


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