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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Living in Abu Dhabi has many advantages. It has been great for my family and friends having a place to stay and a tour guide to personally show them around the UAE. (For a good visitors guide, click here.) I really do welcome visitors because it's always nice to get the perspective of people I know and to show them how I live. Living in a city in a region that most people have not been to means getting loads of people coming to stay. People have had to book their stay at our place months in advance to ensure the best times (i.e. when I have off work). My mother was disappointed this past January because other friends of mine were coming at a time she wanted to.

We love having people come because it gives us the excuse to do some sightseeing of our own. Having a few weeks off and going around with friends from out of town makes makes us feel like tourists in our own city. Also, we have a great chance to experience hospitality and sleep on some futons when we visit exotic locations like Milwaukee.

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