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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eid in Jordan

With Eid beginning in the middle of the week, the UAE government decided to give all government workers the whole week off. This means that with the weekends, I got a full 9 days off. Unfortunately, my wife and kids are still in Japan and I was scheduled to pick them up in the middle of the night mid-week. Because of this, I had dismissed any notion that I could go anywhere until a friend pointed out that I could risk pissing my wife off and suggest she get a cab.

Sure enough I did that and she didn't seem too annoyed at the suggestion. I was even tentatively able to arrange for some friends to pick her and the kids up from the airport. From yesterday morning I began the journey of researching flights, hotels, and things to do in Jordan. Though calling a series of friends, coworkers and former coworkers who had traveled to Jordan, lived in Jordan, or were from Jordan, I was able to put together a fairly decent itinerary. Because I'm traveling on my own, I can travel pretty lightly and stay in minimalist accommodations. I just hope that my wife hasn't changed the locks when I get back.

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