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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


With the influx of people into Abu Dhabi over the past few years, not only is there a need for newspapers in English, a number of events and cultural magazines have sprung up to help people get the best out of the city.

The collective city of Abu Dhabi seems intent on proving it is not only a modern city, but is more modern than Dubai. Some of the best examples of this can be found in the local magazines. Time Out is a series of city guides that started in London about 30 years ago and is available in about 50 different cities. Time Out Abu Dhabi has been around for a few years and is a good way to find out about events. About three years ago, Abu Dhabi Week started and focuses on the people of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi Tempo is a recent upstart and has a focus on the lives and opinions of the local youth. All three of these publications have their own niche and are good for what they are.

For people looking for the news of the day, The National focuses on the news of the UAE. I actually prefer the Gulf News because I find their articles to be better written. The Gulf News has much more regional news. Also, I've recently discovered that the National doesn't archive it's links. Al Jazeera English is pretty good, but I haven't really been checking them out. They seem to be a world news organization with a Middle Eastern perspective on the news. From what I've seen they seem fairly unbiased and are a good source of news to see what those outside the U.S. feel about certain events.

With all of the sources of information available for news and events of Abu Dhabi, I feel fortunate to have found my own little niche as a source of information.

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