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Saturday, July 9, 2011


Hamdan is a great part of town to walk through and a great place to find all the little shops. This is the place where all the people you see working in the restaurants and shopping malls live and shop. At the request of some visiting friends, we went to the Hamdan area of town for a walking tour.

We saw a lot of little shops selling cheap electronics and cheap clothing. There are tons of mobile phone shops and beauty parlors. There were a number restaurants selling good food at a reasonable price. It was a part of Abu Dhabi that I never really see. For me, the place to go to get goods is in the shopping malls or in the hypermarkets like Carrefore and Lulu. Of course that's fine, but if you need a new inner tube for your kid's bicycle, or even a bicycle that isn't overpriced and low quality, you need to seek out a shop where the staff specialize in kids' bicycles. Link
Because parking is insane, it's a good idea to park off one of the main streets and walk if you are going in. From what I've seen, it's a good place to find some good deals. Unfortunately, I hate shopping, so will likely never spend the time to find out.Link

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