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Friday, May 6, 2011

Horror Story

Doctor Joseph Nunoo-Mensah may appear to be an upstanding citizen. He has a wife and three children and is a consulting surgeon based in King's College hospital in London. His father is a senior minister and national security adviser to the president of Ghana. When the US Cleveland Clinic invited him to the UAE, little did they know that there was a darker side to Dr. Nunoo-Mensah.

The story starts on a dark Dubai highway which had narrowed because of construction. An Emirati driver who obviously had important business to attend to, came upon the doctor driving home after a day out. Not having any time for Dr. Nunoo-Mensah's dilly-dallying with driving the posted speed limit in a construction zone, he gave the well understood signal of flashing his lights. The doctor, not being able to pull over, refused to speed up, no doubt delaying the important Emirati man by minutes!

After refusing to speed up the doctor then pulled to the side at the first opportunity to allow the obviously distressed Emirati man to pass. In a show of comraderie, the Emirati man "switched the inside light on, rolled down the window and drove in parallel with [the criminal] for up to a minute."

What happened next will no doubt chill the soul. Dr. Nunoo-Mensah claims that he raised both of his hands as if to say "What do you want?" What the Emirati man saw was a different story. The Emirati man saw him make the gesture known as...the finger! Obviously shaken, but doing what any upstanding citizen would do, the Emirati man promptly obtained the doctor's license plate number and reported this heinous crime to the local police who did their duty by arresting and confiscating the passport of Dr. Nunoo-Mensah.

The doctor now faces a prison sentence and a months long wait for his trial. In the meantime, the "good" doctor must wait for justice to be served. In addition, cancer patients at King's College hospital must have their surgeries rescheduled or arrangements for other surgeons to perform their surgery. Let this be a lesson to all you evil-doers out there. For the article this horror story was taken from, click here. But beware! Don't read this before bedtime lest you have nightmares!

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  1. No burden of proof here in the UAE.....just the say so of a local is good enough.


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