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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Today was the graduation ceremony for the Bachelor's students at Abu Dhabi Men's College. While I'm happy for the students and their achievement, what's more important is how this affects me.

First of all, there were a lot of people attending which created a parking problem. A lot of the students in my morning class were absent because they couldn't find a place to park their cars, so I couldn't have the quiz that I had planned on. That wasn't such a big deal.

Unfortunately for a lot of the Math department, the booking of the auditorium was. The Math teachers need to schedule exams for hunderds of students so it is necessary to arrange the venues months in advance. Fortunately, they plan out the schedule at the beginning of the school year and reserve the auditorium them. It tends to throw a monkey wrench in the works when the administration cancel the booking for the whole week for graduation practice and the actual ceremony a mere two weeks before the exams. The teachers were left scrambling, finding any space they could hold the exam and adjusting schedules at the detriment of schedules because the administration didn't get their act together.

On the plus side, I got a huge slice of cake that I couldn't finish. It looked nice with a picture of the college printed on it, but as far as deserts go, it was nothing too special.

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