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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


With all my complaining the other day about the beach closing, I forgot to mention that I was going to go cycling on the F1 track tonight. I had heard about it sometime last week and was considering going but with it being the middle of the week, I didn't feel like driving out of town to go riding my bicycle on the F1 track making "vroom vroom" noises and pretending I was a race car. The more I thought about it, the cooler an idea it sounded. I didn't know if they would do this again and I didn't want to regret missing it.

As it turned out, it was a good chance to get a cycle in during the week. The turn out was the usual suspects from my Friday ride. The person who organized it said they're hoping to make it a weekly thing. They're also looking at having events like an all-night ride and possibly other cycling events like races.

It seems that they spent a lot of cash on making this track and they want to make sure that it gets used more than once a year. Shortly after I hear about the chance to go cycling on the track I noticed a sign advertising a a night where people can drive their cars on the track. From what I heard, the cars need to have certain specs. I think they're looking for people with sports cars so I don't think there's much chance I'll get an SUV on there. To be honest, with the way people here drive I'd be scared to. As it is, I'll be surprised if there aren't any big accidents that evening.

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  1. So what does one have to do to live in Abu Dhabi? Is there a thriving arts scene there for me to photograph?


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