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Saturday, March 6, 2010


Our kids' school had their International Food Festival today. I convinced my wife that she should get together with the other Japanese moms to have a Japan booth. One of the other moms was concerned that I might get mad because I wanted our family to be a part of the American booth. My wife assured her that wasn't the case and that she shouldn't worry.
In addition to providing "kakigori" or snow cones, she had lots of examples of "origami" (paper folding) and "kirigami" (paper snowflakes). The other moms provided sushi rolls and other typical Japanese food. After several weeks of preparing for this, my wife was delighted to be invited to the school to help with the origami club and to give a demonstration for my son's class.
She spent a lot of time preparing for it and at first I worried that she was over preparing. After seeing the other booths, I'd say she was right about the middle for preparedness.

Overall, I thought it was a good evening, but the festival itself wasn't all that well organized. It seemed like the festival was originally meant to be a pot-luck type thing that someone decided to make a fund raiser and at the last minute changed their mind about. They started off by selling tickets to games then as I was in line to buy tickets they made an announcement that games were free. I wouldn't have minded paying if it was better organized.

One thing that my wife noticed was that the Emirati moms had their maids do all the cooking and setting up and cleaning. I guess that at least they showed up.

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