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Monday, November 16, 2009


Some people may have noticed that my photography is less than stellar. I try to give a good impression of where I live and what's going on in my life here through my writing, but haven't been putting much effort into the photos. Generally, I take photos of things with my phone when I see something that looks interesting or funny. Some photos are by my wife who is a little better at photography but her photos are usually of family rather than Abu Dhabi. Well, I've found a pretty good solution that doesn't involve me having to learn to take pictures.

I found that one of the followers of my website also follows this one. As I looked through the photos, I noticed that a lot of them were of Abu Dhabi Men's College where I work. I looked at the name of the person that is managing that blog and matched it to a name on one of the mailboxes in the staff room. After looking at some of the pictures, I realized that I recognized them from one of the in-house publications at the school and know who the guy taking them is. I would recommend that people reading my blog have a look at his blog too, as there are a lot of good pictures of where I work and even some of where I live (I'll probably be hyper-linking to some of those in the future.) I've saved the link in my list of blogs I'm following on the left of this page.

Also, a friend of mine that I know from Fukuoka has been taking some excellent pictures of Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E. (RAK for short). He came to the U.A.E. around the same time as me but went to a more rural part of the country. His photos are a great contrast to the city and show different sides of the same country. You can see his blog here. I've also listed his blog on the left under blogs I'm following.

Well that takes a little pressure off me to give a visual representation of where I live. I hope you enjoy the much improved photography and that you'll continue to read my blog for written descriptions of the country.


  1. Have you met Peter yet? He's in charge of the I.L.C. and sends out a very helpful monthly newsletter. He was one of the three Nikai award winners at the annual mixer last month. Jo Kennedy, a great gal, was one of the others.

  2. Yeah Gary, I went into the library and introduced myself to him. I wanted to compliment him on his photography and ended up chatting for a while on various things. He's now following this blog.

  3. No problem, Jeff. As I said, I'm glad to have a couple of sites with good photos on them to direct people to.

  4. Or you could take half decent photos...


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