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Monday, November 30, 2009

Independence Day

On December 2nd is UAE Independence Day. They are celebrating their 38th year as a country and even though it is a few days away, I have to say that the decorations rival even USA Independence Day. Unfortunately, I won't be here for it but from what I've heard, it's definitely something you want to be around for at least once. I've been too lazy to get a lot of good photos of the decorations and lately have a conscience about stealing random people's photos and posting them on here so instead, I'll link to some blogs with photos that people have taken.

This guy has some photos from three years ago when it poured rain on Independence Day. This and this are photos from Abu Dhabi Daily Photo the blog which I've linked to previously.

As for some videos, here's one from last year's celebration that appears to be taken very close to where I live. The main road that the cars are on runs pretty close to where I live and I can hear the traffic from it easily. Unfortunately, because it is before nightfall, you don't get the full effect of the decorations, but they are spectacular.

Lastly, this video from last year is really professionally done. It's about four minutes long and seems to be more of an advertisement for micro aviation but it shows some amazing views of Abu Dhabi and the celebrations. I'd recommend clicking on that last link if only to see the great view of the city.

While I won't be around for the festivities just outside my apartment and gridlocking the city, I hope to see the party next year.

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