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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yesterday, a friend of mine told me he had won tickets and a parking pass to see Jamiraquai and asked me if I wanted to go. Later that evening, four of us were on our way to the show with me driving. The show was part of the whole F1 celebration and they must've been giving a lot of tickets away because I knew a lot of people that had got free tickets. Thursday Beyonce played, tonight The Kings of Leon are playing, and tomorrow after the race Aerosmith is playing. In all honesty, I would rather have seen The Kings of Leon or Aerosmith, but you can't complain about a free concert.

The show was in a pretty impressive standing room only venue on a beautiful night. I wasn't sure if you'd be able to buy drinks but as it turned out, they had alcohol for sale on the premesis. Because I was driving, I couldn't drink so instead I had six Red Bulls which pretty much had the same effect. The Red Bulls got me in a wandering mood so while my friends stayed at the back of the venue, I pushed my way to the front and got a fairly good view.

Getting home was pretty smooth and surprisingly well organized. The worst part of it was the 45 minutes it took to drive the last kilometer home and get to where I knew I could park my car because of the concerts a few hunders meters from my apartment including lesser know artists like Ragheb Alama and Timbaland. Luckily, because I live right next to the Higher Colleges Central Services building which contains loads of parking for employees,, I could park there. The only problem was getting there.

Today after the Red Bull buzz finally died down, I started getting my part in the Halloween party organized for tonight. My friend, Gary organizes Trick-or-Treating, in my building. Usually there's a party afterwarts for the kids ao me and two of my coworkers were recruited to help organize it. We loosely divided up duities and were able to get a few games going. While I was happy with what we did, I didn't think it was anything extra-ordinary. Still, I had people say that they have been coming to this event for a few years and that we really raised the bar. Knowing that the kids had a good time made it worth the effort.


  1. I told my wife he was "Bat Hero" as the package said but, yeah...cockroach.


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