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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


A few days ago, my wife noticed that Tia had something stuck in her ear. After jamming it further into her ear, we figured that we should take her to a hospital. It didn't seem too serious, but knew that we would only continue to make things worse if we kept trying to remove it ourselves. As far as I could tell, it was a part of a Styrofoam bead from some packing material.

Mineko has a booklet from the Japanese Embassy with information on living in Abu Dhabi so we made an appointment with a children's hospital listed in there. Because my wife has a hard time understanding other non-native speakers of English, I was in charge of taking her to the hospital. It wasn't until I noticed the the photograph of Sarkozy, the president of France that I realized why it was called "Hospital Franco Emitaten." Luckily the language choices were French, English, and Arabic.

The doctor was friendly and really helpful. She got the piece of Styrofoam out of Tia's ears quickly and much more skillfully than me or my wife. I was really happy with the service and only had to pay 50 dirham or about $15 deductible on the insurance. It's funny when you get used to everything foreign being in English. Living in a capital city, it's not the case.

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