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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ballet Recital

With my son Lucas getting to play baseball,we felt that fair was fair. We asked Tia what she wanted to do and being the girly girl she is, she opted for ballet lessons. She's been taking ballet lessons over the past six months or so. A Japanese friend of ours teaches ballet out of her home. While a majority of the girls are Japanese, the lessons are given in English. A few months ago, we were given the opportunity to have the girls perform in a dance recital in Dubai. With how excited Tia was over the prospect, we couldn't exactly say no, especially with us driving her brother to Dubai every week for Little League games.

The ballet recital was last week so we trucked out to Dubai. While Tia and her mom made preparations for the recital, Lucas and I got to hang around the Mall of the Emirates, otherwise known as that one mall with an indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert. Unfortunately, apart from the ski slope and a mediocre game center, there isn't that much else there. I failed to convince Lucas that he wanted to see The Avengers at the movie theater. I thought of driving to the superior Dubai Mall for the superior Sega Republic or Kidzania where Lucas wanted to go, but I hate driving in the maze of roads that is Dubai and didn't want to give up my great parking spot. We settled on the mediocre game center with the promise that I would take him to Kidzania another time.

A picture taken from stage right by Mom.

Without getting into too much detail, I enjoyed seeing my daughter dance in the recital and seeing how excited she was at the prospect of dancing. I enjoyed listening to my wife argue with the florist over the phone on the ride to Dubai regarding the quality of the flowers the moms had ordered. I thought that the Abu Dhabi girls were better while the dance studio from Dubai had the girls Tia's age do routines that were long and boring. However, the older girls who have obviously been dancing for years were good. Also, there was one older woman who was probably the friend of the instructor from Dubai who did some weird interpretive dance that was totally out of place. Now here are some pictures that I obviously did not take.
Tia's ballet teacher with the rest of the girls.
My wife carrying the fresh flowers she had to crack some heads for.

Tia's happy to be here.

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