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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haloween Parties

Tia in front of the traditional Halloween race track.
The past two years some friends and I have arranged trick or treating in the apartment building that we live in. This year, I was too busy to organize it so we found a party for the kids to go to held at the Al Ghazal Golf and Rugby Club near the airport. While this party was only marginally related to Halloween, it involved kids, dressing in costumes, running around, and eating candy so was a pretty good deal for 25 dirham each. They had a few people in costumes running around and, some jumpy castles, games and a little track with motorized bikes for the kids to ride. Even though the kids didn't get to knock on doors and beg for candy, they had a lot of fun The bonus was I didn't have to be responsible for organizing everything.
My son ans Smurfette with some kid.

If that's not enough, they get to do it all over on the 31st after school. For the school organized party, I found it interesting that in respect for the local culture the kids were asked not to dress as witches or wizards.

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