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Friday, September 16, 2011

National I.D. Deadlines

Once again, the government offices in the UAE have put the hammer down and are giving the final, final deadlines for which everyone must have their Emirates I.D.  If you remember, the UAE government has previously stated that everyone must have their Emirates I.D. by the end of 2009. Then it was changed to January of 2011 After having gone through the process in May of 2010, I knew there was no way that they would get it done.

The deadlines according to this article are as follows:

The northern Emirates have until December of 2011. Sharjah has until February 2012. Abu Dhabi has until April, 2012. Dubai has until June 2012. Anyone who does not have their id by that time will be fined 20 Dh (about $7) a day. We'll see how final these final deadlines are.

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