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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Al Ain Airshow

Yesterday we went to the Al Ain Air show. I had heard that it is pretty good and decided to go this year. I would love to fill this entry with beautiful pictures of daring air acrobatics, but taking pictures of speeding airplanes is pretty difficult and I'm not a very good photographer.

I was pretty happy with the whole experience. The airport was easy to find. The show was really good. There was a great kids area with a huge screen next to the grandstand so the kids could jump around on trampolines then come back to watch the planes both in the air and on the screen. I didn't get the chance to see the view from the grandstand, but I could see pretty well from where we were. At one point there was a pilot flying with a camera in the cockpit so we could watch the plane in the air and see the pilot on the big screen looking around to get his bearings.

Tickets were reasonably prices and as far as I understand, they are still good for today, but it's a bit far to drive again. If we lived in Al Ain, I'd probably go again today. I definitely recommend this for a day out when it's back n town next year.

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