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Sunday, September 12, 2010


While viewing some magazines the other day, I saw this cover of GQ with a picture of the buxom Christina Hendricks on it. A white sticker was covering her cleavage. The sticker was slightly transparent and could easily be pulled away which kind of left me wondering what the point was. To add to the confusion, there was an issue of FHM, a British girly magazine, next to it. What would the point of buying that magazine be if you couldn't look at the pictures?


  1. FHM also has some intellectually challenging articles in it as well actually ..... well that's my excuse anyway!

  2. Had no idea Tim's cousin was in GQ! I'll have to tell him!

  3. I think she's in a lot of magazines by now. I still can't get over that Tim is cousins with my dream girl.


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